As the men and girls met at The Lowry to start making Men & Girls Dance, Salford. The Talking Place appeared twice over the weekend. First off on Saturday morning at the Creation Cafe at the Angel Centre and then in the afternoon in the foyer of The Lowry.

People talked with us about family and touch and not being afraid. About not growing up too soon. About summers of fun with friends and family playing games, children running about in their knickers in gardens, bouncing on trampolines.  

We heard about favourite nights out dancing, queuing for clubs, about salsa in the northern quarter, dances in warehouses by flea markets and in the village.  

And we heard about our kid dancing with abandon at parties and weddings and then from young women about being so shy, that they might not get up to dance and then, that being made okay when your Dad came over to put you on his feet and do what they called the penguin dance.

Nearly a week on and we're looking forward to listening and talking more. We'll be back at The Creation Cafe, Angel Centre, 1 St Phillip's Place. from 10am-5pm.  Tea, coffee and five beautifully baked cakes are on us. Come along for some conversation.