The Talking Place reopened this weekend, this time popping up in S2R Create Space in The Packhorse Shopping Centre. Another sunny bank holiday weekend as part of Men & Girls Dance and we were glad to meet with more people who were curious to hear about the project and talk with us for a while.

This first weekend of opening in Huddersfield we talked mostly with men. Fathers and grandfathers. Brothers and uncles. Men who have daughters and sisters and nieces. Men who danced with their wives whilst courting. Men who stood small children and growing grandchildren on their feet to waltz. Men who read things in newspapers. Men who hear about things in newspapers. Men who believe things in newspapers. Men who question things in newspapers. Men who are strong. Men who are fragile. Men who love. Men who care. Men who would like some things to be different, to give some things given, back.

We're looking forward to more musings with men and women, people for whom Huddersfield is the place they call home, next week.  The Talking Place opens again from10am-4pm at Create Space on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 June and we'll be in the upstairs bar at Lawrence Batley Theatre after each show.