Bright, bright blue skies and a silver sea for our second weekend of The Talking Place in Folkestone.  We've had a wonderful weekend with people passing by The Cafe Collective to pick up the Men & Girls Dance newspaper from the pile on our door step and then coming in for conversation, to find out more about the project. To share their own experiences of dancing, of being girls dancing with men, of being men dancing with girls. Of fathers and grandfathers, mothers, daughters, families, friends. Of being people dancing, immersed in a moment. Why dance matters and why it matters who we can dance with.

We've heard stories of the best places to dance in Folkestone, now and then, the best dance floors, the best music and moves. It's been a weekend of enlightening, energetic and intimate conversations, so many perspectives and experiences being shared and heard in this talking place, filling with thoughts and words and listening.  Laughter and dancing. Together. 

We'll back back at The Cafe Collective 43 on Friday 8 April 11am-6pm and Saturday 9 April 10am-6pm.  You'll also find us after the performances of Men & Girls Dance in the upstairs bar of Quarterhouse.  Come along for some conversation. We'd love to hear what you think.