As our first shows of Men & Girls Dance in Folkestone opened at the weekend, so again did the Talking Place. Both at the The Cafe Collective and in the bar at Quarterhouse afterwards.  We were delighted to see so many of the people we've been talking with over the past weeks join us for the performances, to witness these amazing girls and men, dancing, sharing, what is possible when we come together.  

Some people we've met over the past weeks returned to talk with us, wanting to dig deeper into conversations they'd begun the weekend before. Others who couldn't make the shows came by to say how glad they were that this project was in town and how important it is to them.  And several people who were in Folkestone for the weekend, to dance as part of a huge social dancing event themselves, came and talked with us about why they dance. About what dance is, what dance does, about power and permission and how they come to trust and play and touch, about how they come to know each other.

People have shared their thoughts, their words and feelings with us in many ways. On our chalkboards, on paper, by email, with nods and smiles and squirms, with applause and stillness and in careful conversation.

Many ideas and opinions about the project and it's themes have been surfaced from talking with people in Folkestone and we will be returning in a few weeks so that we can give more time and attention to these.  If you'd like to join us for an extended round table conversation we'll be at the Quarterhouse from 6pm-8pm on Thursday 5 May, exploring the particular things people have said they would like to talk more about.  You can also talk with our Associate Artist Luke independently from 4pm-5pm.

If you'd like to come drop us a line We'd love to see you there.