As the performances of Men & Girls Dance, Brighton & Hove fast approach, as well as working with the company, we've been spending our weekends talking to all sorts of people in this place. The Talking Place comes with us everywhere we go, appearing in shops and cafes and community hubs. This time it's appeared in a place that is all three of these things at once, The Cowley Club on London Rd.

Beside the bus stop, across from the Co-op, not far from Poundland, our bright neon sign, says 'come in, we're open.'  We have been open for conversation over the past two weekends and have sat chatting with folks about men and girls and dance. About where they come from, how they grow up, how they get old, where they move to, what they become and why. 

We've heard about Brighton. About the sea, the lanes, the pubs and clubs, the parks, the pier and pride. The places to walk, to talk, to dance, to be together. We've heard about openness.  And we've heard about sharing space, about making gestures, invitations and uncertainties. We've heard about fun and fear and love. We've heard that dancing is 'free making' and that we should 'let them play' so that children and people keep growing amazing imaginations.

We've got one more weekend in Brighton so do come along to London Rd, to read the paper, have a cuppa and some conversation, we'd love to meet you. We will be open from Thursday 27 and Friday 28 October 10.30am-5pm and Saturday 29 10.30am-1pm. You'll also find us at Attenborough Centre for the Arts after each show.